KIDS 6-8 yrs

KIDS 6-8 yrs

Nowadays School policies are really good in stopping physical altercations from taking place, but not about preventing emotional and verbal bullying from occurring. If your child has been teased, laughed at or joked about everyday in a mocking or unkind way, that could have a much bigger impact on their lives than a physical altercation. This is where our Rodrigo Gracie Jiu-jitsu Martial Arts program comes into play. If your children have the confidence to defend themselves physically, they will automatically be more efficient in dealing with the emotional and verbal bullying.

In the United States 1 out of every 4 children is bullied. 56% of the kids have personally witnessed some type of bullying. Bullying can escalate into more serious behavior. 80% of the time, an argument with a bully ends up in a physical altercation. Don’t let your child be a victim of bullying. Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime!

Teaching children self defense and how to deal with bullying is important for their whole life and can change their future, and the most efficient way to accomplish that is to teach them a form of self defense with nonviolent resolutions to conflict.

Our Martial Arts programs are developed and taught by a professional and world known fighter from the Gracie Family, Rodrigo Gracie. 

Gracie / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will help teach your child self-discipline and socialization skills. In fact, many parents whose kids have attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) report great success with our programs because self-control and concentration are exactly the skills underdeveloped in ADHD children.

Progress is marked by our belt system, which takes our students from a white belt through a variety of colors until Green/Black. Testing for each new level is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.