• Kids Jiu-Jitsu – BPI Program 6-8 yrs

    Kids Jiu-Jitsu – BPI Program 6-8 yrs

    Using guidance strategies thru Gracie jiu-jitsu to achieve your child’s cooperation and participation in the goals that we are trying to accomplish for their development.

    Discover the best kept secret towards building a child with better concentration, coordination, fitness, self esteem and respect.
    Kids classes focus on building self-discipline and confidence, respect for self and others, plus greatly improved physical, mental and emotional health. The classes are safe, fun, and can shape your kids positively for the rest of their lives.
    Teaching Gracie jiu-jitsu with positive communication is a tool to reinforce good behavior and eliminate bad behavior; it builds self-esteem and inspires confidence in children.

    Positive reinforcement lets students know that their good deeds were noticed and appreciated.


    Teaching confidence, with non violent techniques.
    Many martial arts programs focus in punches and kicks, and that could turn the victim into the bully with such aggressive strategies.
    Our principle is to use reasonable defense to neutralize the attack of a bully without ever throwing a single punch or a kick.


    Nowadays school policies are good in stopping fights from taking place.
    However, If your child is made fun of everyday for a long period of time, the damage can be much worse than a black eye or getting punched.
    Although the bully may not be hurting your child physically, your child is being hurt emotionally.
    The emotional pain can be much worse than the physical pain.
    If the teacher or the parents are not around, the only person that can stop the verbal abuse from continuing is your child.


    If your child has been a victim of bullying, the first and most important thing they must do is stand up for themselves verbally.
    However most children won’t have the confidence to do so unless they know how to defend themselves physically, and that’s where our BPI (Bullying Prevention Intervention) program comes into play.

    Our curriculum, specifically designed by Master Rodrigo Gracie, focuses on every individual’s personal growth and achievement.